Gas leak forces Pritipaul to close complex, employees rushed to hospital


Pritipaul Singh Investments (PSI) Incorporated was forced to close its fisheries complex at McDoom East Bank Demerara following a gas leak on Monday afternoon.

Secretary and Deputy Managing Director, Vishnu Panday told the News Room during a telephone interview that at about 14:00hrs, a pipe broke at the facility causing a leakage of ammonia –a colourless gas with a pungent smell.

“From information, one of the pipes were disconnected, maybe it blow –these things normally happen –and they had the escape of the ammonia gas,” the Deputy Managing Director said.

As a result of the incident, several employees who complained of feeling dizzy were rushed to the Woodlands Hospital.

News Room understands that three pregnant women are among those who were affected.

“Because of the scent and the smell, we closed the plant and asked people to leave…and one and two persons who claimed feeling dizzy, for safety precautions, we ensure that we sent them to the hospital for the doctor to have a look at them.”

According to Mr Panday, between six and ten persons were examined and sent away by the hospital authorities.

“So far, there is no hospitalization or any accident or injury,” Mr Panday said.

He told the News Room that works are ongoing to fix the pipe and the company’s operations will be up and running on Tuesday.

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