Youth says frustration led to him ‘choking, robbing’ woman on seawall


Twenty-four-year-old Christopher Niles appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan on Tuesday, charged with the robbery of a woman at the Kingston, Georgetown seawall.

The Alberttown, Georgetown resident pleaded guilty to the offence, which stated that on October 20, 2018, he robbed Bibi Mangru of a Guess purse worth $40,000 and a cellular phone worth $35,000.

The young man, who did not have legal representation, told the Magistrate: “Is frustrated mek I jump off my bike and chock that woman and take away her stuff and ride away.”

He was sentenced to 18-months imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Niles was further charged with two other counts of robbery, to which he pleaded not guilty.

It is alleged that on the same day, he robbed Mahoni Mangru of a purse with $30,000 and a phone worth $70,000.

It is further alleged that he robbed Techan Balgobin of one gold chain valued $90,000.

Niles was apprehended by the family after they drove behind him shortly after the robbery. He was caught with the articles mentioned in the charge and was handed over to the police.

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