AFC poised to show strength at local polls


With more than 600 candidates in the upcoming local government race, the Alliance for Change (AFC) says although it is still regarded as a small Party, it remains confident of tremendous successes at the polls.

The AFC, having secured some 161 constituency candidates, is contesting in 38 local authority areas but it has its eyes fixed on dominating the new Councils in Linden and Bartica.

The Party said it intends to use its influence on new Councils to formulate policies to tackle a list of woes that have been long ignored across Linden and Bartica.

According to AFC member, Michael Leonard, parties must resist claiming ownership of areas based on the race of the residents.

“They call it strongholds. The Alliance for Change brought an end to that because the AFC introduced the idea and concept of voting on issues. We are the only multi-ethnic party in Guyana… We are an action party and we have been doing things,” Leonard added.

Meanwhile, AFC’s Constituency 3 representative in Bartica, Juretha Fernandes and Linden’s Constituency 3 representative, Devin Sears were present at the Wednesday morning press conference and both expressed confidence in the party’s ability to bring about a change in their respective areas.

One the list of this candidate promises is to address poor drainage, dilapidated roads and bridges, inefficient lighting and poor solid waste management.

Sears has also promised to use his influence within the Linden municipality to save the Council from its indebtedness to the Guyana Revenue Authority and the National Insurance Scheme among other entities.

“The Alliance for Change is a beacon of hope for Linden. We have looked at the $200 million which the Council owes to NIS, GRA and other entities and we want to have those debts removed so the town can breathe.”

The two reps say there must be an end to infighting among councillors and the prevailing issue of unemployment must be addressed through policy decisions that will encourage entrepreneurship and investment.

“We want to ensure that Linden is rid of its dirty past. We are a fit and proper party, we have young capable people, we also have experienced persons we can look to for help from,” Sears added.

The Party, which forms a part of the government APNU+AFC coalition, is contesting the local elections on its own and hope to show its influence among the electorate when citizens vote in local polls on November 12th.

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