Top Cop says ‘wait and see’ Police reforms by March 2019


The country’s Police Commissioner, Leslie James has declared that the public would have to “wait and see” what reforms the Force will implement but said those reforms would come by March 2019.

While committing that there would be a shorter response time to crime, the Commissioner would not say how many more vehicles he needs; there have been repeated complaints of Police stations telling citizens they don’t have transportation to report to crimes.

At his first press conference on Thursday since assuming the post, James said that if citizens are given this response, they could call the operations rooms because all Divisions have those rooms, which he said are managed 24/7.

Since becoming Police Commissioner, Mr James said he has had no report of bribery and corruption, but he would not be dragged into giving an assessment of the level of corruption in the Force, with most reports being of bribes being demanded by traffic officers.

He countered allegations of corruption by urging citizens to ensure that they are in compliance with the law, having all documents in hand so that there would be no reason for bribes to be solicited.

“We do not hear of Policeman going in any body’s pocket,” he declared.

Mr James and his Deputy Commissioners have been visiting Police divisions to carry out inspections; he said the intention is “to make it clear to the populace and ranks our position as it relates to leading this force and taking it further.”

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