Scorching Phang, Persaud turn tables at Georgetown Grand Prix


By Akeem Greene

John Phang and Zachary Persaud once again showed the future of motor-racing in Guyana is in safe hands with sublime performances at the third edition of the 2018 Georgetown Grand Prix staged at GT Motorsports on Saturday night.

To understand why the appreciative audience raised their applause for the duo, one must hit reverse gear just for a bit.

At the previous meet held in early May, both of the drivers were relegated to standing below the champion driver on the podium.

John Phang takes a victory lap

They certainly must have said no more since they paced themselves ahead of the pack after getting valuable spots on the grid during qualifying. The only blemish for Phang, who competed in the 125cc Juniors, was placing third in his first race to Rayden Persaud, who copped first and Elan Rahaman in second.

John Phang stands proudly at the top of the podium

For the rest of the night in his category, all the Pure Racing driver saw was the chequered flag being waved as he sped through the finish line with a best time of 32.221s.

Heading into the Easy Cup Rookie, Dharmendra Dharmo was the man to beat, taking to two first places at the previous meet.

Champion! Zack Persaud raises his champion driver trophy

Zachery Persaud, who had a mixed bag at the same meet, drove like he was on mission to make amends. All night he kept a control pace ahead of the pack, sweeping the flag in all three races, with Dharmo and Naresh Alves were relegated to second and third respectively in all three outings.

Another strong performance of the night came from Stefan Jeffrey to win the Easy Cup Super title. Only one occasion was Jeffrey displaced from the first spot by Steven Nobrega; otherwise he fended off the intense challenge from cousin Kristian Jeffrey and the ever consistent Nobrega, who interchanged between second and third for the other two races.

Zack Persaud (centre) along with Dharmendo Dharmo (left) and Naresh Alves on the podium

Thrills and intense competition continued for the night and the Sun Burst Kids Cup was no different with Jeremy Tenpow retaining the champion driver tag, by winning two out of three. The lone defeat came at the hands of his brother Justin Tenpow, as both Nathan Persaud and Paige Mendonca, though young and talented, were not able to capitalise on the small openings.

Other champion drivers for the night were the unbeaten Ben Phang, whose fastest time in the 60cc Baby Cup was 37.967s; Haniff Mohamed in the 125cc Masters and Kristian Jeffrey in the 125cc Seniors.

Part of the action on Saturday

(See tabulated results below)

Georgetown Grand Prix- October 27, 2018


Race 1 Justin Tenpow Jeremy Tenpow Nathan Rahaman
Race 2 Jeremy Tenpow Nathan Rahaman Paige Mendonca
Race 3 Jeremy Tenpow Nathan Rahaman Paige Mendonca

Champion Driver: Jeremy Tenpow


Race 1 Rayden Persaud Elan Rahaman John Phang
Race 2 John Phang Elan Rahaman Rayden Persaud
Race 3 John Phang Rayden Persaud Mikhail Persaud

Champion Driver: John Phang


Race 1 Zack Persaud Dharmendra Dharmo Naresh Alves
Race 2 Zack Persaud Dharmendra Dharmo Naresh Alves
Race 3 Zack Persaud Dharmendra Dharmo Naresh Alves

Champion Driver: Zack Persaud


Race 1 Stefan Jeffrey Steven Nobrega Kristian Jeffrey
Race 2 Steven Nobrega Stefan Jeffrey Kristian Jeffrey
Race 3 Stefan Jeffrey Kristian Jeffrey Stephen Nobrega

Champion Driver: Stefan Jeffrey


Race 1 Ben Phang Nicholas Sawh Caleb Paul
Race 2 Ben Phang Caleb Paul Nicholas Sawh
Race 3 Ben Phang Nicholas Sawh Caleb Paul

Champion Driver: Ben Phang


Race 1 Shan Seejatan Haniff Mohamed Ralph Persaud
Race 2 Haniff Mohamed Ralph Persaud Mahendra Boodhoo
Race 3 Shan Seejatan Ralph Persaud Haniff Mohamed

Champion Driver: Haniff Mohamed


Race 1 Kristian Jeffrey Steven Nobrega Matthew Phang
Race 2 Matthew Phang John Phang Elan Rahaman
Race 3 Kristian Jeffrey John Phang Elan Rahaman

Champion Driver: Kristian Jeffrey




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