President says will get ‘best medical advice’ in Cuba


Head of State, President David Granger and First Lady, Sandra Granger departed Guyana Tuesday morning for Cuba, where he is expected to undergo a series of tests to determine his ailment.

In a video statement released by the Ministry of the Presidency, Mr Granger said he has developed some “symptoms” which need further investigation and that investigation can only be done in Cuba.

“At this time, there is no clear indication…of what the nature of the investigation is.

“It’s a question of investigation and I think I can get the best advice in Cuba so I cannot say if there is or what is wrong and the doctors themselves have not specifically pointed to any ailment. It requires, you know, investigation and that’s what I’m going for,” President Granger said.

He assured the Guyanese public that they will be kept abreast of his health when the medical investigation is complete.

In May this year, Mr and Mrs Granger visited Trinidad and Tobago for a medical checkup where they were both given a clean bill of health.

However, the Head of State explained Tuesday that a few weeks after his trip to T&T, he noticed “some symptoms” that did not go away and so he returned to Trinidad on Monday last.

“They discovered some symptoms which needed further investigation so, I just agreed with that diagnosis and made arrangements to go to Cuba for further investigations,” President Granger said.

The first couple is expected to return to Guyana on November 11 – just a day before Guyanese go to the polls for Local Government Elections.

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