Guyana’s tourism proficiencies take center stage

Why I Love Guyana campaign launched


November is Tourism Awareness Month, a month that kick-starts the annual calendar for tourism awareness activities that seek to promote Guyana as a tourism destination.

Key stakeholders including the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) have come together to deepen awareness and generate interest in the country’s nature, adventure and culture experiences.

This year, Guyana’s Tourism is being endorsed under the theme: “Promoting Sustainability and Celebrating Diversity,” with renewed hope that the country’s infant tourism sector will be properly situated to become a leading tourist destination.

GTA’s Director, Brian Mullis said the Authority has been focusing on growing tourism in Guyana so that the social and economic benefits can be fully exploited.

The month’s activities, he said, will show how “well managed” tourism can contribute to this type of development.

“With the impending adoption of the Green State Development Strategy, we are well poised and positioned to become the leading sustainable destination.

“Our focus at the GTA has been on promoting and providing tourism that is design to increase pride in and the protection of cultural heritage, reduce outmigration from rural communities, protect biodiversity.”

GTA’s Director, Brian Mullis

Among the numerous events and programs launched on Wednesday include weekend getaways at discounted rates with more affordable options for Guyanese to explore Guyana.

There will also be restaurant week, visits to the University of Guyana for monthly tourism roundtables, destination development mapping and action planning, safaris, the annual awards ceremony and a scavenger hunt.

Very important in this year’s activities is the launch of the “I Love Guyana Campaign” which will see Guyanese at home and abroad along with visitors being interviewed in videos that will be posted online.

The participants will be asked several questions and will be given an opportunity to say why they love Guyana.

The activities will not be limited to the month of November only but will continue year-round. With that in mind, new airlines and visitors are encouraged to come to Guyana to be part of these activities.

Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin was present at the launch and urged Guyanese to first recognize Guyana for what it is before foreigners are asked to appreciate the potential.

“They say charity begins at home and if we want to sell Guyana as a visitor destination, I think it is important that we in Guyana, first of all, recognize Guyana as a visitor destination and treat Guyana as a visitor destination.”

Mr Gaskin said there is a lot to celebrate with the sector already showing growth.

Persons desirous in participating in the activities can look out for promotional information in the media over the next month.

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