Mother, teen daughters allegedly brutalized by cops


A mother of five is seeking justice after she accused Police Officers of the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam, Berbice of beating her and stripping her naked in the presence of her children.

Alisha Harry also accused the cops of beating her two teenage daughters.

The drama unfolded on Friday last, when the police visited Lot 44 Williamsburg, Corentyne to search the house for drugs.

Harry said that she was arrested when she intervened after the cops arrested her aunt, Angela Harry, whose house they searched for drugs.

Alisha told News Room that after she saw the police tackled her aunt to the ground, she told them not to abuse the woman but one of the officers charged towards her and said: “What the s&$*# you gonna do?”

She claimed that the cops beat her in the presence of her children, who tried to save her.

“I say Officer you can’t behave suh man is a woman, then he start wuking he hand, throw me down, kick me.

“I keep begging saying No! No! you can’t do that but they continue and the three other officers there joined in.

“One of them take the gun and knock them children,” Alisha claimed.

Alisha’s swollen feet as a result of her injuries

Eventually, the aunt whose house was searched for drugs was taken to the Rose Hall Town Outpost where she was placed in the lockup.

Two of Alisha’s children, ages 16 and 14, were also arrested on Friday evening for disorderly behaviour and placed in the lockup. They were released on Saturday on $20,000 bail each.

But Alisha, who rears poultry and operates stall, was only arrested on Monday, October 29, for damage to property. The police claimed that she broke a window on their vehicle with a bottle.

She was released on Tuesday on $20,000 bail.

Some of the injuries she sustained to her arm

Alisha explained that the cops stripped her naked after she threatened to commit suicide at the Williamsburg Police Outpost.

As a result of her injuries, Alisha says she is unable to walk properly.

When contacted, Commander acting of the Division, Paul Langevine refused to say whether he is aware of the allegations made and told News Room that he is in a meeting.

Alisha wants a full investigation into the matter and is calling for justice.

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