APNU+AFC Councillor arrested for assaulting Police Officer


Police in ‘B’ Division have confirmed the arrest of APNU+AFC Region 5 Councillor  Abel Seetaram, who is accused of choking a Police Officer.

Reports are that the police rank intervened when Seetaram allegedly attacked a People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) supporter at a public meeting held in Woodley Park, West Coast Berbice on Thursday evening.

According to an eyewitness, a PPP meeting was in progress and included some 300 persons, when it is alleged that Seetaram rode towards the crowd and began to hurl expletives and derogatory remarks.

The News Room was told that the APNU+AFC Councillor was warned to desist from using such abusive language but he continued.

According to the eyewitness, Seetram then went over to the other side of the road and pushed the PPP supporter.

When a Police Officer intervened, Seetaram reportedly held on to him and choked him and reportedly said no one can hurt him [Seetaram].

It is further alleged that the APNU+AFC Councillor also threatened to call the Minister of Public Security and other high ranking officials in the Coalition Government.

Seetaram remained in Police custody up to late Friday evening.

The 36- year-old of Lot 121 B Woodley Park, West Coast Berbice was recently sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after he was found guilty of felonious wounding committed on Nateram Rabindranauth, 54, a vendor of Lot 64 ‘A’, Woodley Park.

The incident occurred on January 21 where he used a wood and battered Rabindranauth after he intervened in an altercation involving both their sons.

He was subsequently released on bail on $150,000 bail pending an appeal.

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