CMRC: Breaking track record on Team Mohamed’s riders’ radar


By Akeem Greene

Sit back, ensure your eyes are glued to the track and your drink is not too far since you could be in for a thrill when Team Mohamed’s fleet of professional riders from Britain take to the South Dakota Circuit on Sunday for the final leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship.

Current record holder Matt Truelove, brother Harry Truelove and Richard Cooper all have one aim and that is to smash the standing 33.3 seconds track record and give the Guyanese fans wholesome excitement over the race-infested weekend.

“So it has not been too far away so I think we should be able to do it. I know one of us is going to break it; it is just a matter of which one. Probably Cooper will go 32 [seconds], but we are not sure yet. It is our aim really,” Matt explained.

Matt, who is on pole to lift the Caribbean title after rousing performances in Trinidad and then Barbados, further commented on the different racing culture that exists in Guyana.

“It is massively different from racing in the United Kingdom. It is a bit more relaxed and it is a bit more fun since everything is less regimented,” he observed.

Matt Truelove and Richard Cooper want to bring the thrills for the fans

His younger brother Harry, expressed, “It is really good to be out in the sun and not in the cold of the UK [United Kingdom]. I am really looking forward to racing Matt; I don’t get to race him very often but I am hoping to beat him this time. I am feeling fast and I am feeling good.”

This is Harry’s maiden tour to Guyana. He was in Barbados, where he pushed his elder brother, but could not get ahead. For the 23 year-old, he wants to assist the younger riders in Guyana to develop their technique.

“It will be nice to show some people around because obviously you don’t get to see Super riders visiting here and we can point them in the right direction and they can improve themselves and keep building the racing here in Guyana.”

Cooper, a Suzuki Factory rider with a wealth of experience, stated, “It has been a while since I went on Yamaha, but it has been fun. It is only a small and short lap. We have seen on the way in they are looking to make improvements to make the circuit bigger which is interesting and obviously it give me more reason to come back.”

While the trio will undoubtedly start as favourites and will have their own battle for the one to three placements, Stephen Vieira, who is making a comeback, his cousin Matthew Vieira, along with the Jamaicans, and local prodigies Kevin Persaud and Raveiro Tucker, the Super stock group should be treat for the fans, with never-ending thrills of speed.

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