GECOM using leftover ink for today’s polls


Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) officials Monday confirmed that it had taken a decision to use leftover ink from the 2016 Local Government Elections (LGE) for today’s polls.

GECOM’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Yolanda Ward assured that although this was the case the ink is of the highest standard.

She told the News Room that GECOM was faced with a situation where it had ink remaining from the last LGE and a decision was taken to use it after the leftover ink was checked and tested for its effectiveness.

“I’m sure persons who are making these claims are persons who have voted in several elections in the past. We are talking indelible ink, and you can do the test for yourself. When you put your finger in the ink it comes out as a light purple and within minutes it gets very dark,” the GECOM PRO said.

However, Opposition nominated GECOM Commissioner, Robeson Been expressed worry over this situation.

Benn said he received complaints from persons who voted that the ink was coming off their fingers “pretty easily.”

At the time he could not confirm whether it was a countrywide or large scale problem but said it will be further investigated.

Neither Benn or the PRO could say where the ink had been procured from.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo also raised concerns about this occurrence when he voted earlier this morning at the St. John’s College.

He said there were “numerous reports about the ink and that it could be easily removed.”

To this end, the Opposition Leader said the PPP has asked its polling agents to pay particular attention to people who voted before and who may return to vote again.

GECOM is expected to address this issue when it hosts its press conference later this evening but it assures voters that the ink is as effective as it gets.

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