APNU+AFC says no one will ‘sell-out’ on No-Confidence motion against Gov’t


Just hours before the National Assembly is expected to address a No-Confidence motion against the Government, the APNU+AFC has expressed confidence that the motion will be struck out as its members flay Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo for being “insensitive” and “distasteful” in his actions.

“We are not for sale,” PNC/R Chairperson and Minister of Health, Volda Lawrence said at a joint press conference today at Congress Place, reinforcing comments made by coalition leaders that its Parliamentarians will not support the motion.

Even though the Government holds the majority seats in the National Assembly, Jagdeo was hopeful that one of the Coalition’s unsatisfied Parliamentarians will support the motion.

But AFC Executive Member and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo says he will not speculate on whether any government-aligned parliamentarians will support the People’s Progressive Party Civic Opposition.

In the same breath, however, he stated that “there will be no surrender”, noting that “this is not Donald Ramotar, this is Granger-Nagamootoo”.

Under President Ramotar, a No-Confidence motion was brought against his administration but he prorogued the Parliament and called snap elections, which ousted the PPP from its 23 years in office. 

“A minority cannot assume it will succeed in Parliament,” Nagamotoo asserted.

Nagamotoo clarified that even though he is currently performing the functions of the President, he still has the power to vote on decisions to be made in the National Assembly.

The Prime Minister, who once stood on the same political fence with Jagdeo, blasted the Opposition Leader for bringing a motion of No-Confidence at a time when the sitting President is ill.

“Where is the Guyanese compassion?” Nagamootoo asked, noting that, “I believe it was a politically insensitive and childish move.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge took also jab at Jagdeo for “taking advantage” of someone’s challenges and misfortunes, referring to President Granger’s health.

Mr Greenidge further contended that the No-confidence Motion at this time goes against national interest as the National Assembly is preparing to deal with the 2019 Budget.

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Barton Scotland will have to determine whether the No-Confidence motion is admissible at this time, in light of other pressing matters on the parliamentary agenda such as the upcoming budget presentation and debates.

AFC’s Executive Member and Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson made it clear that even if the motion succeeds, the APNU+AFC will not prorogue Parliament as was done under the Ramotar-administration.

“We got here by hard work and we will stand and defend our record…every single MP will defend our record and vote resoundingly no to this no-confidence motion,” Patterson stated.

Meanwhile, Lawrence contended that the Coalition Government has proven that it is willing to investigate claims of corruptions and discrepancies, which she says is evident in the number of Commissions of Inquiries they have held.

Responding to concerns about corruption under the APNU+AFC, Lawrence contended that “corruption was the bread and butter of this country under the Jagdeo administration.”

She argued that the “idle rantings of Mr Jagdeo will not scare any member” as PNC’s Executive Member and Minister of State, Joseph Harmon posited that the Opposition Leader is only trying to gain some relevance.

Jagdeo, at his press conference yesterday, contended that the motion was necessary in light of allegations of corruption and wasteful spending against the coalition after just three years in office.

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