APNU apologizes for heckling of media workers at press conf.


A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has apologised for the heckling media workers endured from Party supporters at a joint APNU+AFC press conference on Friday at PNCR’s Congress Place, Sophia.

Following the press conference, the Guyana Press Association (GPA) cited the APNU for the intimidation of media workers as this is the second time such has occurred at Congress Place.

“The APNU wishes to express its apologies for the discomfort caused during the recent press conference.

“As a political partnership and coalition partner of the government, the APNU does not condone nor endorse any conduct that serves to intimidate and hinder duties of media workers. In fact, the APNU values media workers role in building our democracy,” the statement from the APNU noted on Saturday morning.

It further noted, “The APNU endeavours to ensure a more welcoming environment at future press conferences and engagements with media worker.”

The GPA had noted that media workers have complained about the continued heckling and intimidation by supporters of the Party who are seated in the press conference held by the Party.

“We can only assume that this behavior is a feature endorsed by the Party and its leaders since it happened during today’s event with PNC Chairperson Volda Lawrence and senior APNU members and the Party’s last press conference held by PNC Leader, President David Granger,” the Association added.

The GPA reminded political parties that media workers have the right to conduct their duties without fear of intimidation and it would not hesitate to call on media houses to boycott press events if this unacceptable behavior continues.

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