Chef who swallowed 89 pellets of cocaine jailed, fined $1.8M


A 34-year-old hotel chef who had swallowed 89 pellets of cocaine and had intended to leave the country, was on Monday sentenced to four years jail and fined $1.8M for trafficking cocaine.

Hosania Moses, of Fort Street, Kingston, Georgetown, appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman and pleaded guilty to the charge.

It is alleged that between November 14-16, 2018 he was found with 888 grams of cocaine after he was taken to the Georgetown Hospital.

Moses told the court that he was sorry for his actions and his attorney Everton Singh-Lammy bagged the court for leniency.

Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore told the court that on November 13, 2018 ranks from the Police Narcotics Branch went to the defendant, who was a passenger at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

Moses’ luggage was search and nothing was found but he confessed to swallowing cocaine pellets.

He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital and was subjected to an X-Ray which showed foreign objects on his stomach.

He was given laxative on November 14 and excreted 89 cocaine pellets over the course of two days.

Moore disclosed that Moses admitted being the owner of the drugs.

“I’m sorry for my negligence,” Moses told the court before he was sentenced.

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