Trucks reminded not to use East Bank road from 7-9 in the mornings


Trucks are not permitted to use the East Bank Demerara (EBD) corridor during morning rush hours, Traffic Chief Linden Isles has reminded.

The ban was instituted by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) in 2013 amid growing concerns about traffic congestion during peak hours.

The restriction apply to motor lorries, container trucks, tractors and trailers. However, these vehicles have resumed using the roadways during the peak hours, contributing to much traffic congestion.

Isles is urging the drivers and owners to comply with the rule, especially during the upcoming festive season.

“Let them do all their drop-offs and picking up during the hours of darkness,” Isles said on Monday.

Traffic Chief, Linden Isles

He said the Traffic Department will be clamping down on defaulters, especially those on the EBD corridors during the morning rush hour between 07:00hrs and 09:00hrs.

Previously, those who breached the rule were pulled off the road and released after the peak hours.

Currently, traffic cops allow the heavy-duty vehicles to traverse on the EBD corridor during the rush hour.

Meanwhile, the Traffic Chief said the Department has increased its vehicular and foot patrols around the city to enforce laws and regulations, with the aim of reducing accidents and minimize congestion.

In Georgetown, Isles disclosed that two crash trucks will be used to tow away illegally parked vehicles while wheel clamps and vehicle escorts will also be deployed.

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