Elderly man found dead on Canje Road


The body of a man said to be in his early fifties was discovered with his pants half way down in an area identified as “Pandit Runner Dam”, Goed Banana Land, East Canje Berbice Thursday morning by a villager who was on his way to work.

Dead is Ramlall Basaant called ‘Doc’ or ‘Rope’ of Lot 13 Goed Bannanen Land, East Canje.

The News Room was told Basant was last seen alive on Wednesday evening at approximately 20:00 hrs.

His mother, 78-year-old Pemia Bassant said she did not see him at home on Thursday morning and thought he went to another relative’s house.

Ramlall Basaant

“A little while after I see meh neighbour son come by and say ‘Auntie Pemo come see how Doc deh all he crotch open and he deh by the road,'” the mother said.

She said her son was a good person who has been unemployed for quite some time and so she took care of him.

It is unclear how the man met his demise at this time as Police are continuing their investigations.

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