PM “scared to death” to debate No-Confidence motion


See below full statement issued by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Friday night in response to Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo’s comments about the debate surrounding the No-Confidence motion:

We observe with amusement the recent vacuous ramblings of Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, on the No-Confidence Motion filed in the National Assembly.

Nagamootoo, in his usual style, strings together a set of sound bites and in the end says nothing other than to make the ridiculous case that the No-Confidence Motion is an act of desperation and he boasts that it will be defeated.

But, at the same time, he comically and desperately seeks to argue for a delay in debating it. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: Nagamootoo should stop spouting hot air and bring on the No-Confidence Motion for debate earliest.

Despite all the “fat talk” the truth is he is scared to death to do so. Instead, he parrots the Government’s position that the budget must be presented and debated first.

The Government must accept the reality that Nagamootoo is widely regarded as a political joke in Guyana and he should be the last person assigned the responsibility of publishing the Government’s position, if the Government wants that position to be taken seriously by the nation.

This man simply has no credibility in the eyes of the Guyanese public because of the number of lies, which he has spoken and written over the years.

Only recently, he threatened to demolish the PPP at Whim and at the Local Government Elections (LGE).

The results show that not even the backers voted for his candidates at Whim and the AFC received less than 4% of the total votes cast at the LGE.

On the issue of fear and desperation, we wish to remind Mr. Nagamootoo that as “Leader of Government Business,” instead of leading his troops to Parliament, last Friday he led them into hiding at Congress Place and with the gates securely locked and the environs surrounded by a band of aggressive APNU supporters, he then puffed his chest to the press, as he declared that he is not afraid of the NoConfidence Motion!

We reiterate our call for the No-Confidence Motion to be debated in the Parliament earliest and we respectfully demand that the National Assembly puts the Motion up for debate.

We say to the Government, stop the grand standing outside the National Assembly and come to the National Assembly to debate the Motion.

People’s Progressive Party November 23, 2018

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