‘Nationals’: District Six wins cycling championship


The cycling aspect of the National Schools Championship has concluded with District Six (Corentyne) reigning supreme, edging out District 10 (Upper Demerara/Kwakwani) to the overall title.

The two-day cycling competition at the 58th annual event ended with District Six notching up 245 points, eight more than District 10.

Such was the dominance of these two Districts that the next highest was District 15 (New Amsterdam) way back on 130 points.

Spectators and officials engrossed in a close finish

Final points standing:

Corentyne (District Six)- 245

Upper Demerara/Kwakwani (District 10)- 237

New Amsterdam (District 15)- 130

South Georgetown (District 13)- 114

East Georgetown (District 12)- 101

North Georgetown (District 11)- 93

East Coast Demerara (District Four)- 78

West Demerara (District Three)- 75

East Bank Demerara (District 14)- 61

Bartica (District Seven)- 42

Potaro Siparuni (District Eight)- 20

West Coast Berbice (District Five)- 8

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