APNU members elected as Georgetown Mayor, Deputy Mayor


The Councillors of Georgetown today elected APNU members, Pandit Ubraj Narine as Mayor and Alfred Mentore as Deputy Mayor.

Former Mayor, Patricia Chase Green and 28 others were sworn in as Councillors.

Pandit Narine’s nomination was seconded by Patricia Chase-Green and he ran against the PPP’s Bishram Kuppen, who failed to garner enough votes.

The AFC’s Michael Leonard was also nominated for the post of Mayor but he failed to get the motion seconded.

The PPP voted against Pandit Narine, while the AFC abstained from voting.

Meanwhile, the PPP nominated its Councillor, Eon Young for the post of Deputy Mayor while the AFC’s nomination did not go through because it was not seconded.

Mayor Pandit Narine was the first past the post winner for Constituency #1 in the Georgetown Local Government area, while Mentore served on the Council for the past two years.

The new Mayor in 2017 formed a political party named the “United Movement Alliance”. His intention was to create a youth-focused party and to become a strong third force. Narine is a graduate Hindu priest from the International Vedanta University and currently serves as a priest at various functions across the country.

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