Chase-Green warns new Mayor: ‘There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing’


She served as Mayor for three years and chalked up the single highest number of votes at the Local Government Elections on November 12, but Patricia Chase-Green was not chosen by her Party to return as Mayor.

Instead, UbrajNarine, a young Hindu priest, was chosen for the position. Both Narine and Chase-Greene are from APNU, the major partner in the Coalition government.

When she stood to welcome Narine to his new post, Chase-Green advised him to watch his back.

“Not every smile, not every skin teeth is a laugh, not every shut-eye is sleep and there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing.

“I’m telling you that from experience. You will sit around a horseshoe table with twenty-nine people and you will gain your experience over the days,” Chase Green told the new Mayor.

The outgoing Mayor did not vie for the position, saying she served a “full term” and in fact seconded Narine’s nomination for Mayor.

“Our party is looking at youthful people so we are looking to elect someone who is young, someone who I can guide,” she told the media prior to the elections.

The outgoing Mayor was chastised during her tenure for having served at a time when the Council implemented the controversial parking meter project. She was also criticized for disallowing the no-confidence motion brought against Town Clerk Royston King for mismanagement of the city’s funds for which a Commission of Inquiry was later launched.

These allegations all returned to the front burner during the campaign leading up to the November 12 Local Government elections.

Visibly peeved at the campaign, especially that of the Alliance For Change (AFC) and questions about her choice to contest the elections, Chase Green said: “I went back into the elections not to become Mayor of the City of Georgetown. I went back into the elections because of my constituency and they would have shown that in the votes.”

Despite not returning to lead the council, Chase Green was elected as Vice Chair of the Council’s Finance Committee, which will continue to be chaired by Oscar Clarke.

The other members of the Finance Committee are PPP’s Melissa Ferguson and BishramKuppen and APNU’s Trichria Richards, Alfred Mentore and Ivelaw Henry.

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