Man stabbed three times by lover tells court it’s a ‘slight wound’


A 23-year-old woman, who is the main suspect in the alleged arson at the Stabroek Market Wharf, was on Friday charged with wounding her lover.

Quiana Major of Tucville, Georgetown, appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan and pleaded not guilty to the charge, which alleged that on November 19, 2018, at Stabroek Market Wharf, she unlawfully and maliciously wounded Campton Ferreira known as “Chop off”

The victim, however, refused to give evidence against the woman, forcing the Chief Magistrate to dismiss the case.

The court was told that Major stabbed Ferreira with a knife, however, the man explained that it was a “slight wound.” The couple lives together, the court was told.

According to reports, on November 19, 42 stalls containing fruits, vegetables, fish and various food items were destroyed due to a fire at the Stabroek Market Wharf.

It is alleged that around midnight, Major was involved in an altercation with Ferreira, a fish vendor, during which she stabbed him three times.

The man went to make a police report, and upon his return, his stall was on fire.

The investigation into the fire is still ongoing and Major is now a free woman.

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