Berbice Headteacher attacked, beaten by teenager


The Headmistress (ag) of the Number 5 Primary School, West Coast Berbice is left with a bruised face and swollen lips after she and her 3-year-old son were viciously attacked by a teenager from her community in Number 9 Village on Saturday evening.

Gangadai Sebarat Issacs, 33, told News Room that she was walking with her three minor children to visit her mother at around 6pm, when the 16-year-old boy approached and suddenly kissed her on the lips.

The woman said that she spit after the act was committed and this angered the teen, who then started punching her in the face as she held her toddler in her hands.

“He came directly to me, bend and kissed me on the lips. I felt disgusted and spit and he began attacking me, punching me in my face and mouth and about the body,” the Headmistress recalled.

The woman said that the teenage boy pushed her 3-year-old down during the attack.

Gangadai Sebarat Issacs speaking to News Room a day after the incident

The traumatized woman said she was unable to retaliate due to her children and instead sought refuge in her mother’s house.

She made a report to the police, sought medical attention and returned home while the suspect was taken to the Fort Wellington Police Station.

However, a few hours later, the suspect was released without charge.

Residents told News Room that the teenager is a known “troublemaker” who has similar issues with others in the community.

Residents described him as “abusive” and “unruly” and noted that he has the full support of his mother.

“She [suspect’s mother] always sprinkling salt and throwing hint and would go to the station and tell lies. Many times, reports would be made and nothing comes out of the matter. I would like to see the Police do their work so that the matter can reach the court because is not little things this woman would do. She would torment and bully persons,” said Randolph Cuello, a resident of the community.

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