‘Freedom Boss’ not defeated by Govt’s ban at Marriott Beach front


By Isanella Patoir

Popular party promoter, Marlon Jacobs says that the Government’s recent ban on hosting of parties at the foreshore of the Guyana Marriott Hotel is not going to prevent him from his upcoming party event ‘Drinks, Ice, Soca’.

Jacobs, popularly known as ‘Freedom Boss’, has been promoting his party on the beachfront since August but the ban, which was recently announced by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, has thrown him off his game.

However, he determined not to let this setback prevent him from making the event a success.

As a matter of fact, he has moved the party to La Familia Ground on Aubrey Barker Road opposite the La Familia Hotel in South Ruimvedlt, Georgetown.

Prior to advertising the event at the Marriott Beachfront, Jacobs had received all the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.

‘The ban does not affect my event although patrons would’ve preferred to party on the beach”, Jacobs told News Room in an interview.

“I was informed by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure that they were putting a hold on permits to host events on the beach because of the Marriott’s complaints,” the promoter said.

He further noted, “Every time I’m hosting an event on the beach, the Marriott always has an issue so I’m not surprised that they filed an injunction.”

Jacobs’ most recent event hosted on the Marriott Beach front was in October last and saw sixteen of the country’s top street football teams battling for ‘Bragging Rights’ and a total prize of $500,000.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, had told the media that the decision to ban the parties was as a result of the lawsuit filed by the Marriott Hotel.

Hotel staff have told the News Room that the sounds from parties have severely affected their guests with the hotel having to pay guests compensation for the inconvenience.

The Private Sector and entertainment industry have since asked that the Government rethink the ban.

They want the Government to be flexible in allowing parties to still continue but with prescribed guidelines for doing so.

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