Holder says his vehicle an ‘embarrassment’; gets $17m to buy new one


The Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder has described the vehicle he currently uses as an embarrassment and funds in the 2019 National Budget have been approved for him to buy a new one at the cost of $17 million.

The approval of the funds came during Tuesday’s consideration of the 2019 Budget estimates.

During consideration of the budget estimates for his Ministry, Holder said his vehicle – PPP 3011 – was purchased as a reconditioned vehicle back in 2008.

“It is becoming an embarrassment to the Minister,” he declared, saying he has faced many difficulties with it.

According to Holder, the vehicle has been breaking down in backdams, parts have been falling off, and he even had to be “pulled on Mandela Avenue.”

“I think it is reasonable that among the Ministers who needs to have a good four-wheel vehicle is the Minister of Agriculture,” the Agriculture Minister stated.

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