Outgoing Mayor calls City Police “Grasshoppers”


Outgoing City Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green on Monday declared that the City Council is unable to pay retroactive salaries to its Constabulary Officers for the year 2018.

However, in defending the inability to do so, the Mayor went a step further to say that the City Constabulary officers are not deserving of the retroactive increases as she described them as “Grasshoppers” who do “nothing.”

Town Clerk (ag), Sharon Harry-Munroe on Monday informed the City Council at its statutory meeting of its obligation to pay the retroactive salary increases to the Constabulary officers.

The Mayor, however, noted that the council is still grappling to find November salaries for some of its staff and has to start looking for December salaries.

In this regard, she said City Hall cannot afford to pay the ranks their increases unless Central Government provides the funds.

“Don’t let us give these officers any false hope that they’re going to get this money before Christmas, unless the Government is willing to pay that money to us now, only then they can get it beforeChristmas,” Chase-Green said.

The Mayor noted that while it is a necessity, it is not a priority at this time.

She said the money will be paid in 2019 when sufficient cash is available.

In fact, the outgoing Mayor told the council that “I would not put the entire staff on hold to pay a few who, like grasshoppers sometimes hopping all around the place not doing anything and that’s how I see it.”

The council has over the years faced various difficulties with payment of its workers and their benefits, but the Mayor is urging that this does not continue into the New Year.

The Mayor is in her final weeks of reign as the newly elected councillors are preparing to take up their seats on January 01, 2019.

Present at Monday’s statutory meeting was incoming mayor, Ubraj Narine.

Additionally, the council was told that Government will be providing $300M in 2019 for various projects.

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