East Coast road upgrade on schedule


The construction on the four-lane road from Better Hope to Annandale, East Coast Demerara is right on schedule and is set to be at least 85% completed at the end of this month.

This is according to, Nigel Erskine, the Technical Services Manager at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure attached to the East Coast Road Upgrade project.

He told News Room during an interview that work on the two lanes road from Annandale to Belfield is set to commence early next year, but for now, all the works are focused on the four-lane section.

Nigel Erskine, the Technical Services Manager at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure

“We are programming that by the end of January (2019), the four-lane section of the road should be completed,” Erskine said.

He explained that the overall project is 50% completed and is on schedule for the September 2019 completion.

The two-year US$50,195,941 project will see the widening of the road to four-lanes from Better Hope to Annandale; from Buxton to Belfield will see a two-lane upgrade.

The project will include the extension and reconstruction of bridges and the improvement of the drainage system. The project was awarded to China Railway First Group Company Limited and is also being supervised by international consultancy firm, Sheladia Associates Incorporated in association with E&A Consultants.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure established a hotline for persons to call and say what issues they are faced with during the road constructions.

“The main issue that we have faced on the project is traffic management”, Erskine said, noting, “and of course for the project, we have a traffic management plan that we are following.”

According to the Technical Services Manager, the traffic management plan includes the installation of reflective construction signs such as zone signs, speed limit signs and diversion signs.

“We are also working along with the police to assist with the management of the traffic, we’re publishing advisories”, Erskine said.

He further added that the focus is also on the pavement works as this will ease the traffic congestion as some of the diversion areas would be paved.

Taking the safety of pedestrians and cyclists into consideration, Erskine revealed that two pedestrian overpasses will be constructed on the East Coast Public Road. (Isanella Patoir)


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