‘Ultimate Warrior’ using sports to inspire Baramita youngsters


In yet another effort to address the growing social problems affecting the people of Baramita, Region One, the Department of Sport has deployed one of its most experienced coaches to the community.

Gordon Brathwaite, one of the Guyana’s leading footballers of his time, was sent to the community to engage its youths on healthier ways of channeling their anger, frustration and boredom.

Coach Brathwaite, known in the field as the ‘Ultimate Warrior’, has been interacting with the young people of Baramita, and he is impressed with the early signs.

“From the response that I have gotten, I believe that sports can really help the people of Baramita. The youths have potential and I am glad that the Department of Sport took this initiative to ignite a sports presence in that particular community,” Brathwaite said.

The coach explained that engagements even led to the formation of a Baramita Sports Club, which is being headed by a five-member executive body.

“The good thing about this body is that it has the presence of important people from all sections of the society. It has a teacher, a police officer, a young, vibrant, talented youth leader; a very successful businessman, as well as the Deputy Toshao of the village,” Brathwaite explained.

Coach Brathwaite commended the efforts of the Social Cohesion Minister, Dr. George Norton, in recognising the positive impacts that sports can have on a person’s overall life.

“I genuinely believe that sports can solve many of the problems facing the people of Baramita, and I look forward to seeing positive changes very soon,” Brathwaite said.

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