Everest Masters host Media XI in ‘December to Remember’ grudge match


The festive season will get brighter when the one of the most successful masters cricket team host members of the local media in a friendly 25-over a-side contest on Saturday December 22 at Everest Cricket Club ground from 13:00h for ‘December to Remember’.

The Everest Masters have enjoyed a successful year winning 13 of the 16 games contested and will be looking to end the year on a winning note but are up against a formidable line-up.

The hosts’ batting will be led by former West Indies captain Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Anil Beharry, Saheed Mohamed and Hemraj Garbarran, while captain Rajesh Singh, Basil Persaud, Roderick Lovell will spearhead the bowling attack.

“After a good year on the field and having a good relationship with the media, we thought it best to enjoy this time of the year with our friends doing what we love. So we [have] invited the men who give us the news to celebrate with us and hopefully put on a good show,” Rajesh Singh said upon extending the invitation.

Accepting the invitation on behalf of the Media XI was John Ramsingh who said, “The last time we played the match was close and didn’t go our way but this time we can turn the tide on the home team. We will put down our pens, turn off the computers and bring our ‘A’ game against these guys who are proven champions. It will be fun.”

Over the years, Everest Masters and the Media XI have played twice with the host winning on both occasions with Chanderpaul and Saheed Mohamed proving to be the difference with the bat.

The visitors will look to the likes of Rajiv Bisnauth, Akeem Greene, Shahruk Imran and Ramsingh to lead the fight with the willow while Kizan Brummell, Keon Blades, Ishaka Jackman, Zaheer Mohamed and Royston Alkins will look to keep things tight with the ball.

The event is being dubbed ‘A December to Remember’ is sponsored by friend of sport in Guyana Ramesh Sunich of the Trophy Stall who will be on hand to assist with the post-match presentation.

Media XI: Avenash Ramzan, Akeem Greene, Martin Leich, Royston Alkins, Siddiq Mohamed, Yusuf Ali, Keon Blades, Marthel Semple, Ishaka Jackman, Alfred Aaron, Shahruk Imran, John Ramsingh, Darwin Leitch, Kizan Brummell and Zaheer Mohamed.

Everest Masters: Rajesh Singh (captain), Sahadeo Hardaiow, Saheed Mohamed, Hemraj Garbarran, Basil Persaud, Anand Persaud, Rakesh Gangaram, Ronald Jaisingh, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Rahaman Khan, Anil Beharry, Satyendra Khemraj, Roderick Lovell and Ron Morris.

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