No-Confidence vote: Democracy prevailed -PSC


The Private Sector Commission says democracy has prevailed in the debate and decision on the motion of No Confidence against the Government on Friday evening.

See full statement below:

A Private Sector Commission team, led by Captain Gerry Gouveia, was an active observer in the National Assembly of the debate and the decision of the motion of no confidence by the Opposition against the Government.

The Private Sector Commission is satisfied that democracy prevailed in our National Assembly, a fact of which as a nation and as a people we can all be proud.

The Commission now calls upon our leaders and our people to continue to respect and honour the democratic decision of our Parliament.

We urge our leaders to continue to respect and honour the highest principles of democratic government and the maintenance of law and order which our nation has embraced.

The Private Sector Commission expects that the nation will now properly prepare itself for a peaceful, free and fair election going forward.

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