Bandits threaten to rape, kill 9-year-old and Grandmother


A family of Number 46 Village, Corentyne Berbice is traumatized after they were attacked by three armed men on Christmas Eve night and robbed of $16,000.

At approximately 22:30hrs, three armed masked men pounced on the family and attacked them for approximately an hour.

Fifty-four- year old Chandrawattie Singh called “Asho”, told News Room she was waiting on her 9-year-old Granddaughter to enter the house and as she was about to close the door, one of the men forced himself inside.

Doodnauth Singh was beaten by the bandits

“When I see that I scream and two others follow him in. One point a gun to me and say don’t scream, they put us to sit on the floor and ask for the money.”

The visibly distraught woman recounted that she told the gunmen she did not have money.

“One of them say ‘tomorrow is Christmas! What you mean you don’t have money? Bring the money this house get money! Aiyo does do business.’ My granddaughter even say uncle, Nana don’t have no money; he don’t work.”

At the time of the robbery, the owner 63-year-old Doodnauth Singh called ‘Guyo’ was sleeping in the lower flat.

The elderly woman claimed that one of the bandits punched her in the face, ransacked the entire upper flat and threatened to shoot the little girl.

“I beg them not to hurt her so them say ‘you gotta being the money or else ah gon kill all aiyo”.

She said she eventually handed over $16,000, a gold ring and a pair of jingles that she owned.

But the bandits were not satisfied and went downstairs to the elderly man.

“They take their time and search the whole house and tell me and my granddaughter to get in the room and lie down.”

She said the men were not satisfied with the money and threatened to rape her and the child.

“I hold on to my granddaughter and I begged them not to hurt us. Every move I make in the house I hold on tight tight to her. She was crying.”

Meanwhile, the elderly man suffered injuries to his face, head and hand as the bandits beat him for more money and valuables.

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