Youth stabbed in groin, nursing severe injuries to one side testicle


A 22-year-old man of Corriverton, Corentyne Berbice is currently hospitalized after he was stabbed to the groin and other parts of his body following an incident on Christmas Day.

The father of two, who prefers not to be named, told News Room that it was minutes after midnight when he left some friends at a popular restaurant and bar in Corriverton.

While leaving, the young man said he was approached by two men who are known to him; one whipped out a knife and stabbed him in his private area.

He was also stabbed to the hand, upper chest and forehead. The man received severe injuries to one side testicle.

The young man claimed that he is shocked at what happened since he did not have prior issues with the suspects.

“I don’t know why they attack me, I never do them anything”, said the victim, who was still in visible pain.

Several persons were arrested and are assisting with investigations.

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