Residents deliberately blocked road causing fatal accident


A section of the Number 59 Village, Public Road was deliberately blocked which resulted in an accident that claimed the life of 20-year-old Reoul Drepal-Saul who crashed into a refrigerator.

His girlfriend, 18-year-old Akesha Beaton is in a serious condition at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital.

Residents told News Room that an old refrigerator and concrete tiles were used to block the road by persons who were drinking on Christmas night.

News Room understands that the young man was driving motorcar PVV 1120 at around 06:40hrs when he collided with the refrigerator that was in his lane and lost control of the vehicle which toppled several times before landing in a drain a short distance away from the point of impact.

Family and friends gather at the home of the young man upon learning of his death

The collision also pushed the fridge into the corner of the road. One resident told News Room that while on her way home Christmas night, she noticed several pieces of tiles [concrete blocks] across the roadway, including the refrigerator in the middle of the road.

Several residents also related the same story.

Arlene North, the Mother of Drepaul-Saul, lost her only son.

She was moved to tears as she described him as a willing and mannerly young man.

She wants justice for her son.

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