Double tragedy: Bandits kill Bush Lot brothers


Tragedy greeted a family of Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne on New Year’s Day when bandits murdered two brothers.

Dead are 46-year-old Haricharan Samaroo called ‘Davo’ – a father of three – and Premcharran Samaroo called ‘Tolly,’ 45, a father of two.

They were at their mother’s home in a festive mood hoping to usher in the New Year with a cousin who is visiting Guyana.

The brothers had just finished eating when they heard what appeared to be fireworks at the back of the yard at around 20:30hrs.

Tolly left to investigate and asked his mother for a flashlight when he was confronted by three bandits at the side of the house.

He was shot at point blank range to the head and died instantly.

His brother, Davo ran to his assistance but the bandits attacked and savagely beat him.

Davo was beaten unconscious with a 2X4 wood across the chest and to the knee repeatedly.

He was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries approximately two hours later.

The three masked men, who were described as small built and between the ages of 16-25, turned their attention to the 72-year-old overseas based cousin, Munilall Roberts Kumar.

Kumar was beaten with a cutlass and instructed to hand over money. He gave the bandits US$300 and about $5000 Guyana currency, but the bandits were not satisfied.

72-year-old overseas based Guyanese, Munilall Roberts Kumar was beaten by the bandits with a cutlass

The bandits took the mother, 64-year-old Irene Samaroo upstairs where she gave them a bag containing G$70,000 and a small amount of US currency.

A distraught mother, 64-year-old Irene Samaroo

Neighbours and other relatives flocked the family’s home Tuesday morning as they expressed shock at the brutal murder of the brothers.

Detectives returned to the scene Tuesmorningning to carry out further investigations.

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