Toshao beheaded in Region Seven


Residents of the remote village of Kurutuku were thrown into a state of shock on New Year’s Day after their village leader was murdered.

Toshao Solomon Lewis was beheaded at around 4:00hrs on Tuesday when he tried to solve a dispute between his daughter and the suspect who has been identified as his son-in-law.

The police stated that the suspect was beating his wife when the Toshao and his son, Marvin Lewis intervened. As a result, the suspect became annoyed, armed himself with a cutlass and fatally chopped Solomon.

He then turned his attention to Marvin and severed one of his hands.

The suspect subsequently fled the area in a boat.

A team of investigators was dispatched to the scene to transport the body and the injured man.

Indigenous People’s Affairs Minister, Sydney Allicock has expressed shock at the incident, in a comment under a Facebook post by Logistics Personnel at the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs and well-known figure in the country’s Indigenous community, Ovid Williams who earlier confirmed the incident.

Regional Chair, Gordon Bradford told the News Room earlier that the closest police station to the village is at Eteringbang. He, however, noted that given the location of the village, the trek will take an entire day.

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