Work to strengthen bonds of togetherness- PPP New Year’s message


Press release a New Year’s message from the People’s Progressive Party

Once again a New Year is upon us and as we welcome it, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) joins with all others in extending best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous and productive 2019 to our Guyanese brothers and sisters here at home and in the Diaspora.

The advent of a New Year is generally met with excitement by some who, among other reasons, may seek a new beginning or to continue to build upon the success achieved. For others, it is met with a sense of trepidation as uncertainty over what it may bring, prevails.

No doubt, many would have good reasons to label 2018 as a challenging year with expectations that 2019 becomes much easier. Unfortunately, with each New Year, new challenges may be forthcoming. However, our people have proven their resoluteness in finding ways to mitigate and confront adversities.

As customary, this time offers the opportunity for introspection to assess strengths and weaknesses which provide guidance to aid in the sustaining of and the achievement of desired success.

As the New Year dawns, our country is facing an unprecedented moment in its history causing some to harbour a feeling of uncertainty. As we traverse this period, our Party remains confident in the steadfastness of all Guyanese and in our collective efforts which will strengthen us to address whatever challenges may lie ahead.

This is a time that hope must not be lost and spirits not allowed to be broken as together we endeavor to work in the best interest of our country to unlock its potential for its advancement and that of all of its people.

Let us in the New Year work assiduously to strengthen bonds of togetherness and brotherhood to aid in the realization of the fundamental value of our national motto and to engage in renewal of ideas for the attainment of success.

Once again best wishes for a joyous New Year! People’s Progressive Party

December 31, 2018

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