Berbice woman forced into labour after terrorized by bandits


A 28-year-old woman was forced to give birth Thursday morning – three weeks before her due date – after three armed bandits attacked her, her mother and 2-year-old nephew after midnight on Wednesday at the Comfort Inn Guest House Restaurant and Bar located at Lot 9 John’s Settlement, East Berbice Corentyne.

Prior to gaining access to the premises, the bandits attacked the 78-year-old guard, Alexander Sears with a crowbar and left him in an unconsciousness state.

The Guest House where the robbery occurred

They broke a window to the Guest House to gain access.

The owner, Bibi Salima Ally said she was awoken to persons walking in the upper flat and immediately alerted her pregnant daughter, Fanesha Hassan.

Hassan called the Whim Police Station, however, before she could have informed the Police of her location, the bandits kicked open the door.

Bibi Salima Ally shows her swollen hand

While brandishing a cutlass and a crowbar, the men demanded that the women hand over money and valuables and threatened to chop off their heads.

Ally said she begged and pleaded with the bandits not to hurt her family but one of the men attempted to hit her in the head with the crowbar when she blocked him and took the hit to her hand instead.

The women handed over US$180, G$50,000 and several pieces of jewellery valued at $200,000; two cell phones and a computer.

The bandits also stole several bottles of rum, XL energy drinks and several other items from the bar before escaping.

The bandits attacked the 78-year-old guard, Alexander Sears with a crowbar

After the incident, the pregnant woman went into a state of panic and began to experience labour pains.

She was rushed to the hospital where she gave birth to a healthy baby girl hours later.

Hassan told the New Room the incident has left her in a “terrified” state.

In 2017, the family was also attacked by bandits who carted off with $1M in jewellery, $180,000 cash among other items.

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