Police destroy cannabis farms


Police destroyed two cannabis farms at 20 Miles Millie Hideout in the Upper Demerara River.

According to information received, ranks went to the location on Saturday and initially discovered two acres of marijuana cultivation with about 2000 cannabis plants measuring 3-8 feet in height with an estimated weight of about 500 kgs.

The ranks also found a nursery with about 200 plants along with two makeshift camps with four hammocks, two mattresses and a number of kitchen utensils.

Also about two miles away, another three aces of marijuana cultivation with about 3500 cannabis plant measuring 2-6 feet in height, estimated weight about 775 kgs, along with a nursery with about 500 plants were found.

There were two makeshift camps with five hammocks, three mattresses, kitchen utensils, clothing, groceries and a red mountain bike, a water can and six cell phones.

The plants and camp were destroyed by fire and the location was marked for further investigation.

There were no arrest,

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