Skeletal remains of missing man found at Kuru Kururu


Skeletal remains, which is suspected to be that of 45-year-old Trevor Chung, was on Sunday discovered in a pathway at Kuru Kururu Backlands, Linden/Soesdyke Highway.

Trevor, of Sandville, Linden Highway, was reported missing in December 2018.

Police said the discovery was made at around 11:30hrs.

A pair of multi-coloured trousers, a green jersey, a dark coloured tope, a pair of slippers and a cutlass were found next to the remains.

According to the police, after interviewing several persons, the man’s 43-year-old brother, Nigel Chung, of Coverden, East Bank Demerara, identified the clothing and slippers as those belonging to his brother.

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