MovieTowne opening further delayed


The Trinidad cinema and entertainment complex MovieTowne will see a further delay in the opening of its Guyana franchise.

It was due for opening on February 21, but that is not likely at this time, however, jobs have opened for hundreds of Guyanese, who could be hired in the coming weeks.

Chief Executive Officer, Derek Chin told News Room, “I was looking at February 21, which may be a little challenging. We’ve had problems in areas of waterproofing; we are going to have to paint over the entire building now, so we have had these sort of delays.

“Of course now with the changes with the politics but we are looking at around Republic Day, February 23. If that cannot happen, then we looking at weeks in terms of changes.”

MovieTowne held a two-day application process, which saw scores of young adults who were required to fill out application forms and wait in lines to be interviewed.

Some of the positions open include Cinema Operators, ushers, attendants, cashiers and other crew members.

Hundreds of persons turned up to apply for jobs at MovieTowne

Mr Chin said: “I was very, very impressed, we came with a team of 10 but we needed a team of probably 20. We expected maybe 400 people but we got over 1000. A lot of young people, which is very inspirational and of course we will go through the process, explain to them what we want of them and show them what service is all about.”

Successful applicants could be contacted in about two weeks to start training for their jobs.

Some of the features of MovieTowne include restaurants, lounges, pharmacies, a shopping centre and of course, cinemas.

Chief Executive Officer, Derek Chin

Mr Chin said the nightlife is going to change in Guyana.

“Everybody is going to come where they can have an opportunity to do whatever they want, whether it’s a family or single guy or single girl or couples; they will be something for everybody here.”

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