‘I know Charrandass will be charged’ – ‘Fed Up’ Party member 


Controversial Attorney-at-Law, Ryan Crawford says he has a strong inkling that former Government Parliamentarian, Charrandass Persaud will be charged, however, he could not say what the charge will be.

At the launch of his new political party – Federal United (Fed-Up) Movement -in Berbice Friday, Crawford said, “I have the strongest of view that Charrandass Persaud will be charged. I don’t know why he will be charged but I know he will be charged because that’s the type of Government we have and that’s the type of political atmosphere we have, whereby if we go against anybody they would punish you. That needs to stop.”

Charrandass Persaud is the man who caused the collapse of the APNU+AFC Coalition Government by voting in favour of the Opposition-sponsored No-Confidence motion on December 21, 2018. He has since fled to Canada under the guise that his life is in danger in Guyana.

Persaud, who hails from Adelphi, East Canje Berbice, is also a Canadian citizen and the Police here are investigating whether he accepted a bribe for his ‘Yes’ vote.

Crawford, on the other hand, became famous when he was caught in an expletive-riddled video verbally abusing a Police Officer who wanted to check his car documents in September last year.

He was slapped with five charges following the incident but on Friday, he revealed for the first time that the car involved in that incident is one which he bought from Persaud.

Crawford claimed that Persaud was not charged with him at that time simply because he was still a Member of Parliament.

“The reason why I am saying that Mr.Charrandass is going to be charged is because with all the hype with that video with me…what is lost or what is not known is that the car came from Mr.Charrandass and Mr.Charrandass was investigated. Mr.Charrandass received a summons to go to court…

“Basically Mr.Charrandass was supposed to be charged then but for the fact that he was a Member of Parliament, he was not. If Mr. Charrandass comes back here, I have reasons to believe that he will be charged along with me for that offense and I think he will be charged for whatever he did in Parliament which I don’t know should ever even happen in the first place,” Crawford told the media in Berbice.

Commissioner of Police Leslie James on Thursday promised a press conference “shortly” to deal specifically with an investigation into the former AFC Parliamentarian.

The Top Cop refused to disclose the nature of the investigation surrounding Persaud and maintained that the investigation is a “matter of national security.”

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