Ruling at end of January on No-Confidence Motion


Chief Justice (ag), Roxane George-Wiltshire says she will rule on all cases relating to the No-Confidence motion at the end of the month.

At the first hearing today in the High Court, the Chief Justice said she is cognizant that the nation is waiting and so she will deal with the matters urgently.

Private citizen, Compton Reid moved to the High Court seeking orders to set aside the No Confidence vote of December 21 on the grounds that the vote of Charrandass Persaud was invalid because he holds a Canadian passport.

Further, Reid is seeking an order from the court to “stay” the enforcement of the Parliamentary resolution, namely that elections be held in three months unless an extension is agreed to by the Opposition.

The Government is also seeking a Conservatory order, preserving the status quo ante that the President and all Ministers of the Government remain in office until the hearing and determination of the matter.

As such, the Chief Justice (ag), however, said she will not deal with these applications.

Government subsequently moved to the court to block the enforcement of the No-Confidence motion and to establish what constitutes a majority in the National Assembly.

The action was filed by a team of lawyers led by Senior Counsel Rex McKay.

Attorney-at-law, Christopher Ram later filed a court action asking the court to rule that the December 21 vote of No-Confidence was validly and lawfully passed.

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