Linden Hospital blamed for death of newborn baby, father told to pray


By Colwyn Abrams

A Silvercity, Wismar Linden family has been thrown into a state of mourning following the sudden death of their newborn baby boy on Monday afternoon at the Linden Hospital Complex in McKenzie.

The baby’s father, Colin Allen told News Room that he needs answers and officials at the public hospital have been less than forthcoming.

He said his 37-year-old wife, Marclene Allen, went into labour Sunday night at around 22:00hrs and upon arrival at the hospital, the nurses told them that the mother of one was only three centimetres dilated. According to Allen, his wife was admitted.

“I said ‘babes did they check you?’ She said no they did not check her. I noticed they did a heart rate check, while one of the nurses was checking the baby’s heart rate I heard the baby heart [beating] and I recorded it on my phone. That’s all I know they did to her.”

The following day, Monday, the mother of one was rushed to the operating theatre and a doctor told Allen to “pray.” The doctors performed a Caesarian.

Marclene Allen at the Linden Hospital.

“They came out maybe 45 minutes after and somebody just said the baby died. I said what did you say? I said I heard the baby had a good heart rate how come the baby dead?… Up to now the doctors ain’t come to me properly and explain,” a distraught Allen told News Room.

The tear-filled Allen said his wife had no complications during her pregnancy and told News Room that he needs answers from the Linden Hospital.

“I honestly believe if they had given her enough attention it would have gone a different way.”

Allen said about three to four doctors rushed to his wife to the Operating Room.

Allen said he cannot afford the services of a lawyer to fight the Linden Hospital and he just wants to know what happened and why his son died at full nine months. The couple are parents to a 3-year-old girl.

Attempts by News Room to contact the Linden Hospital Complex proved futile.

This is the first reported infant mortality at the Linden Hospital Complex.

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