GCA on the move: three tournaments, four sponsors

- Noble House Seafoods, GISE, Trophy Stall and Star Party Rentals onboard


By Avenash Ramzan

A potential bumper season is set to bowl off in late January as the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) commences its 2019 programme with three competitions, geared to target varying levels of cricketers.

At a combined launch on Thursday, GCA executives and sponsors representatives spoke with great optimism about the future of the sport in the city, facilitated by their partnership.

The first tournament will bowl off on January 27. That competition, dubbed the Generation Next Under-19, will feature 10 clubs and one school, Queen’s College. The format is a one day, 100 overs with the teams batting a 55-45 share of the overs.

The other two tournaments will begin on February 2. A two-day first division competition will feature 10, while a two-day second division tournament will see 14 teams battling for supremacy.

In both competitions, the teams will be equally divided into two groups, while there must be 25% of the overs in a completed innings being bowled by fast bowlers.

Teams that fail to achieve this target would be penalised.

The three competitions have received the backing of Noble House Seafoods, General Industrial and Supplies Enterprise (GISE), Star Party Rentals and Trophy Stall.


Vice-president of the GCA, Neil Barry, said: “Today is a very important day for us at the GCA, and I would not say that it is unprecedented in Guyana, but it is definitely a first in many ways. I cannot say when last something like this would have happened where any association would have launched three tournaments, all at once and targeting different age groups, to start in the first month of the year.”

Verlene Van Lange, the Sales Manager of GISE, told the gathering: “The reason why we’re so dedicated to cricket is because everybody knows that cricket to the West Indian is like Trade Unionism to the British. It is something that we grew up with; it is something that we love, it is something that we get great pleasure from, and what better way to spend our money, to invest our money other than the youths of this country. Historical data has already shown that if a child has exposure to sports and that child is studying, there is every chance that they will succeed in their endeavours because the two go hand in hand.”

Verlene Van Lange (centre), the Sales Manager of GISE, hands over her entity’s sponsorship package

Dwarka Singh, the Maintenance Supervisor of Noble House Seafoods, echoed similar sentiments: “This is platform for our youngsters to perform well, so I would urge all that are involved, the president, executive members, Roger (Harper), his brother Mark, and my good friend Neil, to work tirelessly to ensure that cricket continues to be one of the premier sports in Guyana.”

President of the GCA, Roger Harper, said the launching of these competitions is just another opportunity for the executives to do what they have been elected to do- that is serve the members and provide opportunities for cricket development.

He highlighted the sponsors grounding in sport, as he lauded them for their support to the GCA.

“GISE, some of you may not know…Ms Van Lange always comes to our launchings and finals, but one of the principals of GISE is Mr. Yadram Rajkumar, who represented this country with distinction at table tennis, so that history of sports is there, the understanding of the importance of it. And we know Star Party Rentals and the principal there Mr. (Lennox) Cush and also Trophy Stall, their business is sports as, well. And you would have heard of Noble House’s background, started by Mr. Timur Mohamed, a player who represented Guyana (and) West Indies B as well and now you have Mr. Les Ramalho, who is a sports fanatic, also Mr. Richard Jodha, who represented Guyana at the youth level,” Harper divulged.

Tournaments info

Noble House Seafoods Generation Next Under-19

Zone A: Demerara Cricket Club, ECO, Queen’s College, GNIC, Gandhi Youth Organisation, Transport Sports Club

Zone B: Malteenoes, Muslim Youth Organisation, Everest, Georgetown Cricket Club, Bel Air Rubis

Noble House Seafoods Second Division Two-day

Zone A: Georgetown Cricket Club, Malteenoes, GNIC, Gandhi Youth Organisation, Guyana Defence Force, Ace Warriors, Muslim Youth Organisation

Zone B: Third Class, Diplomats, Transport Sports Club, Police, Everest, University of Guyana, Demerara Cricket Club

GISE, Star Party Rentals and Trophy Stall First Division Two-day

Zone A: Guyana Defence Force, Demerara Cricket Club, University of Guyana, Gandhi Youth Organisation, Georgetown Cricket Club

Zone B: Everest, Malteenoes, Transport Sports Club, Police, GNIC.

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