Parika Bar demolished under armed police presence


After 30 years of being in existence at the Parika Junction on the East Bank of Essequibo, the popular Guinness Bar has been demolished by the Parika NDC, following orders by the High Court.

Approximately 100 armed policemen surrounded the area Friday morning as men broke down the building.

The area was barricaded from the junction

The land, which housed a Tea Shop, a Bar and Restaurant, is a government reserve, however, News Room understands that a businessman bought a plot of land behind the reserve and needs an entrance and exit.

As such, the matter was taken to court after the owner of the Bar, Anita London, refused to move. 

The NDC attempted to demolish the business place earlier this week but was met with resistance from the owner, hence the heavy police presence.

London’s daughter, Nicola Alfred of Tuschen, EBE, stood and watched as the men dismantled years of her mother’s blood, sweat and tears.

Alfred, who also operated her business there, told News Room that some 15 persons are now out of a job as a result of the demolition.

She accused the NDC of discrimination.

Nicola Alfred (in pink) of Tuschen, EBE, stood and watched as the men dismantled years of her mother’s blood, sweat and tears. [News Room photo]
“They are removing us from an illegal spot reserve and somebody already have material there to put up a fence. I don’t know what else to do. Nobody is representing us.

“There is more than 100 police here with guns. This is more than the NDC.

“This is advantage; they are breaking our shop! Three families own here. We got staff and their families depend on them,” a distraught Alfred told News Room.

She claimed that her mother also filed an injunction against the NDC.

“My mother went and file an injunction Wednesday and give the NDC but nobody ain’t business about that because the people that buy the land is people with the money and we ain’t got money to fight them.”

At the time of the demolition, the businessman had already transported his material to the location to commence construction of the fence.

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