Alleged fraudster remanded to prison


A 24-year-old Real Estate agent appeared before Magistrate Sherdell Isaacs – Marcus Monday, charged with three fraud-related offences.

Miguel Dino of Thomas Street, Kitty Georgetown was remanded to prison after pleading not guilty to the charges which relate to forging cheques at Citizen’s Bank.

It is alleged that on January 3, 2019, at Georgetown, with intent to defraud, he forged a Citizen’s Bank cheque in favour of himself, purporting to show it was genuinely issued by John Snow Research Training Incorporation.

The second charge alleged that on the same day with the intent to defraud, he obtained the sum of $1.2M, from Citizen’s Bank while the third charge stated that he uttered to a Citizen’s Bank teller, a forged Citizen’s Bank Cheque, issued by John Snow Research Training Inc.

Dino was represented by Attorney-at-law Tiffany Jeffery, who argued for bail but Police Prosecutor Addoni Inniss objected on the grounds that the accused provided the bank with 15 home addresses.

As such, he was remanded to prison until February 4, 2019.

The Prosecutor informed the court that John Snow Research Training Inc is a project in Guyana that is funded by USAID.

It is alleged that on the day in question, Dino visited the bank and pretended to be a representative of the company where he produced a forged cheque of $1.2M.

A few days later, a bank representative observed several discrepancies on the cheque and contacted the company when it was revealed that no cheque was issued to Dino.

A Police investigation subsequently reviewed CCTV footage where they were able to identify Dino.

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