AFC to decide on PM candidate for elections


The Alliance For Change (AFC) will host its first National Executive Meeting (NEC) this Saturday, where it plans to set a date for its Congress.

The Party’s Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan told a news conference Wednesday that the Congress will decide who will be the AFC’s next Prime Ministerial Candidate and whether its members want Moses Nagamootoo again.

He explained that the AFC, which forms a small faction of the coalition government, has not discussed the issue.

“I rather suspect lots of issues will be raised; many members will have that as a big issue. I don’t know what decisions will be taken…. We’re not there at this stage in relation to that… all of that will have to be decided at a national conference,” Mr Ramjattan told reporters.

The APNU has already signalled its support for current President, David Granger as its Presidential Candidate.

Meanwhile, the AFC noted that its National Executive meeting will review the political situation facing Guyana following the passage of the No-Confidence Motion after one of its own parliamentarians voted in favour of it.

“It is going to be an expanded national executive meeting. We’re going to ask invitees from the regional divisions, management committees and also certain people from the interior areas to come out and give us their take.

“It’s going to be a broad consultative arrangement and hearing the views from all across the country so that we can start the preparation for getting our groups back and in order for 2019,” Mr Ramjattan said.

The National Executive Meeting is set for January 26

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