‘Unfortunate’ if Jonas’ Senior Counsel conferral was reversed – AFC


The Alliance For Change (AFC) – a partner in the coalition government – has distanced itself from the decision to refuse founder of the new political party, Timothy Jonas Senior Counsel status.

The Party’s Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan told a news conference Wednesday that the situation is a rather unfortunate one.

“As much as I can say, if indeed it is what he is saying, it is rather unfortunate that happened and…certain things could be placed to have that corrected.

“The impression I got is that indeed the Senior members of the judiciary did nominate him and indeed apparently, it was communicated he would get it but I don’t know…it is an important aspect in honouring the efforts of lawyers in the profession,” Mr Ramjattan, who is also a lawyer by profession, told the media.

Ramjattan, who is also Guyana’s Minister of National Security, noted, however, that he needs the other side of the story and made it clear that the power lies solely with the President to decide who is conferred with Senior Counsel status.

It was the Stabroek News that first reported that Jonas was refused SC status following the formation of A New and United Guyana (ANUG) – a new political party that will be contesting the next general and regional elections.

Since then, claims of political victimization surfaced but AFC member, Dominic Gaskin made it clear that the AFC will not want to be associated with any form of victimization.

“The AFC will not want to be associated with any sort of victimization of anyone because of their political beliefs. That is something we hold very dear to us and it is important and we would, of course, like to get the whole story behind it and it’s certainly not the type of action we support,” Gaskin, who is also the country’s Minister of Business, told the news conference.

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