How Kemar Roach sent England scuttling


England had gone to lunch on the second day at Bridgetown on 30-1 in reply to West Indies’ 289, apparently well set in their first innings of the tour.

But, waiting for them on the resumption was a pumped-up Kemar Roach, who served up an astonishing spell of five wickets for four runs in 27 balls to leave England in utter disarray at 48-6.

Here’s how the meltdown unfolded on ESPNcricinfo’s ball-by-ball commentary.

11.5 Roach to Burns, OUT, bowled him! The change of ends works for Roach as Burns gets half-forward, but allows the ball to wriggle off the angled face of the blade, down into the crease and into the off stump! That’s a massive boost for West Indies, and both of England’s openers have gone without much to show for their day
RJ Burns b Roach 2 (26b 0x4 0x6) SR: 7.69

13.3 Roach to Bairstow, no run, outside off, and that’s a beauty! Nothing you can do with those, rising on off stump, nipping off the seam, and skimming past the edge

13.4 Roach to Bairstow, FOUR, crunched down the ground! That’s strong biffing, the weight is on the back foot, but Roach overpitches, so he just leans forward and momentum does the rest!

13.5 Roach to Bairstow, OUT, ping, next batsman please! Wow, that’s a stunning riposte! On off stump, climbs sharply off the seam, crashes into Bairstow’s elbow, then down into his timbers! Welcome back old school England top-order, we’ve missed you!
JM Bairstow b Roach 12 (17b 1×4 0x6) SR: 70.58

15.4 Roach to Stokes, no run, beauty! Tight once again and passing oh-so-close to the timbers. Good leave from Stokes, but the fact that he can trust the bounce proves that there is plenty in the deck

15.5 Roach to Stokes, no run, ooh, drawn into a nibble this time! Slightly wider and caught in two minds

19.4 Roach to Stokes, OUT, Pinged on the pads and up goes the finger!Stokes was right back on the stumps, but this could have been sneaking over … England review … no issue with the no-ball … no bat involved as it crashes into the back leg … trimming the bails! Wow. England are in freefall!
BA Stokes lbw b Roach 0 (17b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

19.5 Roach to Ali, OUT, plucked on the boundary’s edge for a first-baller!! This is just incredible! A scorcher from Roach, takes Moeen completely by surprise as he flicks a loose defensive bat across the line… a massive top-edge spirals down to Joseph at fine leg, who reverse-cups his hands to claw the ball back and keep himself in play at the same time!
MM Ali c Joseph b Roach 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

19.6 Roach to Foakes, no run, outside off, no hat-trick, but what an over! Bridgetown is leaping. I swear it was mostly England fans in the crowd, but the home support are making themselves known!

21.1 Roach to Buttler, OUT, banged in short, and there goes another! This is mayhem! Short and fast, tight to the body and bruising the edge of a defensive blade! Roach has five in the blink of an eye, and …well, this is extraordinary! England are a rocking, rolling, Roach-ridden mess!
JC Buttler c †Dowrich b Roach 4 (14b 1×4 0x6) SR: 28.57 (Andrew Miller/ESPNCricinfo)

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