Intervention at Mae’s following student’s suicide


Following the suicide of a student, the Ministry of Education dispatched a team of counsellors to the Mae’s Secondary School to assist teachers and students in their grieving process.

The Ministry’s mobile counselling unit was stationed outside the school to provide private counselling.

Vanica Schultz, 15 of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo, arrived at school Thursday morning and gave her friends apology and encouragement letters, after drinking carbon tablets.

She later succumbed at the Woodlands Hospital.

Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry said she visited the school to assist teachers and students to cope with their loss.

A Mobile Counselling unit at the school. [Ministry of Education photo]
“This morning the Ministry of Education is here with the psychosocial support team so that they can provide students and the teachers that are personally affected with the type of support service required,” the Minister said.

General discussions with the students also took place. Schultz’s parents were also present at the school and engaged in private discussions with the Minister.

Schultz’s parents were also present at the school and engaged in private discussions with the Minister. [Ministry of Education photo]
Chief Education Officer, Marcel Hutson also spoke with the students and offered words of encouragement.

“I just want you to know this situation indeed many of you would have been affected but we need to ensure that, yes we are grieving, but we do not want a repetition of this kind of action again among you,” Mr. Hutson said.

He told the students that they are Guyana’s future.

“Because you are very talented people and this country is dependent upon you and the skills that you have and you are very young, therefore we want to urge you not to go in that particular direction.”

The school has since dismissed reports that the 15-year-old girl committed suicide because she was under investigation for the use of ecstasy.

Director of the school’s secondary division, Paul Burnette told a news conference Thursday afternoon that ecstasy was never discovered in the school.

The Director vehemently denied reports that the teachers delayed in rushing the young girl to the hospital.

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