Berbice residents demand removal of CEO at NA hospital


Several residents of the county of Berbice Wednesday picketed the New Amsterdam Hospital calling for improved services and the removal of the current Chief Executive Officer.

On the picket line, the residents called for the reversal of the current waiting system and the removal of the merger of outpatient and emergency services. Residents contended the new system had left persons seeking medical services in a state of distress and confusion.

Among those in the protest was the nephew of a woman who reportedly died after being given 9 injections within a short course of time.

The woman, whose name was given as “Kitty”, 78, of Adelphi Village went to the institution after suffering heart complications on Tuesday night.

The nephew, Balram Diaram, 59, of Adelphi Village East Canje, told the News Room he went to the Hospital with his aunt and after waiting a while for emergency treatment, the woman was administered the injections and died shortly after.

Diaram is calling for a full investigation into the death of his aunt.

Sherry Ann Beharry, a parent who took her 16-year-old son to the institution on Monday said she had to wait for over seven hours before they were given assistance.

She said her child fell and broke his hand in school and there was no priority treatment at emergency even though her son was in severe pain.

Babita Sukra, 38, a resident of East Canje, said it is unfair for persons seeking help from the hospital when there is limited treatment offered. 

“Every time you come to this hospital here to get some treatment, they never give you treatment.

“Them always give you prescription to go to the drugstore and by drugs.”

Speaking with the News Room, Chairman of the Regional Health Committee Zamal Hussein said residents are frustrated with current system at the hospital.

“There is a new CEO here and the system that was implemented where is causing serious concerns for persons seeking help at this hospital.

“We have seen the incompetence with the new CEO recently with the non-functioning of the mortuary because it was not properly managed and the concerns with the merge of the emergency and outpatient so persons who are in dire need of emergency cannot get access to emergency care, they have to wait for hours.”

He said the Committee has been seeking a dialogue to address the issues with the Chief Executive Officer Dr. Samantha Kennedy through the Director of Regional Health Services Jevaughn Stephens but to date this has not materialised.

Meanwhile, efforts were made to contact Stephens but the News Room was told he is currently on leave.

Dr Kennedy was not immediately available for comment.

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